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The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential effect of the IBoD report on Australian Indigenous health policy, service expenditure and research funding. Findings have significance for understanding factors that may influence Indigenous health policy.

Methods The potential effect of the IBoD report was considered by: 1 conducting a text search of pertinent documents published by the federal government, Council of Australian Governments Sleimming Plumi ulevaateid the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia NHMRC and observing the quantity and quality of references to IBoD; 2 examining data on government Indigenous healthcare expenditure for trends consistent with the findings Keha kuju kaalulangus susteem policy implications of the IBoD report; and 3 examining NHMRC Indigenous grant allocation trends consistent with the findings and policy implications of the IBoD report.

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Immediately after publication of the IBoD report, federal and state governments increased Indigenous health spending relative to non-Indigenousnotably for community health and public health at the state level. Expenditure on Indigenous hospital separations for chronic diseases also increased.

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These changes are broadly consistent with the findings of the IBoD report on the significance of chronic disease and the need to address certain risk factors. However, there is no evidence that such changes had a causal connection with the IBoD study.

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Conclusions The present study found only indirect and inconsistent correlational evidence of the potential influence of the IBoD report on Indigenous health expenditure and research funding. Further assessment of.

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