Patients who use pacemaker or with metal implanted in the bone 2. Treenige kodus tõhusa koduse treeninguga rasva põletamiseks, näete mõne nädala jooksul suuri muutusi!

Infrared heating 2.

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High and low grade Vibration 4. Vibrate 5.

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Two heating wires embedded in the belt,start heating in one minute,getting heat in high speed. A fast fat burner, effective to ABS Fat Burner loss with balanced diet 2. Effective to fitness, massage, slim and ease fatigue. Convenient plug-in design.

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Adjustable belt length, suitable for most people. Adjustable speed for most ages.

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To family and friends, give them a healthier life 3. Ergonomic design, scientifically supports waist,helps the waist naturally straight, improve sitting position 5. The vibration intensity automatically changes in program.

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Burning fat,reduce weight,slow muscle fatigue. To promote digestion,promote blood circulation,promote metabolism.

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The exclusion of harmful human toxins,so that the skin are soft and smooth. Weight loss,fitness. Quickly achieve lipid-lowering,weight loss,massage,slimming effect.

Instructions for User: 1. Fasten the safety belt on your body and adjust to the proper tightness 2.

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Connect to the assigned power adapter and plug in 3. Patients who use pacemaker or with metal implanted in the bone 2. Pregnant women 3.

Infrared heating 2. High and low grade Vibration 4.

In 6 months after surgery 4. Women with heavy periods 5. People with renal failure 6.

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