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Jakopčić, K. The first-appointed professor of organic chemistry was Ivan Marek, formerly the professor at the School of Trade in Zagreb.

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The management of the faculty was fully aware of the necessity to engage the best scientists in the field as faculty professors. As far as organic chemistry was concerned, there was no better choice in the mid 's, than to invite young but already recognized organic chemist Dr.

Vladimir Prelog to join the staff and to succeed professor Marek, who retired in Prelog did not hesitate to accept the invitation and was eager to continue his scientific work in an academic laboratory in Zagreb.

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At the time of the invitation, Dr. Prelog was engaged in a small laboratory synthesizing special samples of rare chemicals to be sold through the chemical store "Dřiza" in Prague. There he was provided the modest opportunity to carry on his own research, and together with Rudolf Lukeš and Emil Votoček, published a number of papers concerning organic synthesis and chemistry of natural products. The ingenious and bright lecturing of young professor Prelog inspired his students, and many of them were attracted to organic chemistry.

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On the other hand, the working conditions in the disposable laboratory of the Organic Chemistry Department were too modest to accept a number of students. The budget was so small that it only covered tuition, while there was no research fund at the faculty.

Luckily, Dr. Prelog did not hesitate to accept an offer for scientific co.

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