Menetlus: Padmasanas või Sukhasanas istudes sirutage käed, toetades peopesad joogamudras põlvedele. Vesi peaks kartuleid katma vaid vähe. Nüüd hoides hingamist kinni, lukustage lõug rinnaga. See ei erine tavalistest kartulitest, kuid sisaldab küllaltki palju tärklist, sest see muutub toiduvalmistamise ajal murenevaks. Lõpuks mõistsid eksperdid, et nad peaksid minema teisele poole - mitte "rääkima" šokolaadist, vaid tegema magustoit vähem toitevaks. Liha on valge, mitte keedetud ja lõigatud.

Along with this formal change went a new vision and definition for the aims of EPL over a time horizon of five years. These aims are ambitious.

Accordingly, a strategy promising success was required. As a first measure, the spectrum of Europhysics Letters in terms of the categories defined by the "Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme" PACS was compared to other international broad-band letters journals. Rather than aiming at a reduction of the latter two topics it was decided to consider these strengths as an EPL fingerprint.

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The other five PACS categories, however, showed deficiencies, which we have decided to strengthen by appropriate promotion of the journal in the respective science communities. The results of these efforts are an increase in published papers in plasma physics from 13 26 in to 32 60 in The numbers in parentheses refer to the number of submissions and the figures for are extrapolations from the status of November 15th.

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The figures thus show that EPL's deficiency in plasma physics is gradually being eliminated, Ulemine kasi Slimming Band Review further growth in this rapidly developing area is desirable! A letter from the Editor-in-Chief announcing this appointment was posted to the peer group of Treumann.

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Near the end of the article balance is the following: 7 24 in and 16 48 in Again, this is very satisfactory and, in fact, corresponds to the targeted increase. Analysis of the publication situation within high-energy particle HEP physics revealed immediately, that soliciting papers from this community had little chance of success, unless accompanied by an offer for open-access publishing.

Faced with the alternative of either abandoning publications in high-energy particle physics or to move towards an open-access scheme, the EPL Association Board of Directors made a first positive decision for an open-access opportunity in May The matter was further clarified in November EPL now offers open-access publication for all PACS categories on the basis of an "author pays" model with effect from February In the meantime, the market in high-energy particle physics had moved ahead, and this has made it necessary to take a further step.

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With effect of November 1st,EPL now offers open-access publication free of charge for experimental as well as theoretical letters to the high-energy particle physics communities.

We now believe to be well positioned in the market, and hope that this will be reflected in an increase in the number of submissions in PACS 10 and The increase of submissions and publications indicates initial success of our promotional efforts.

Menetlus: Silma üles- ja allapoole pööramiseks istuge põrandal sirutatud jalgadega. Hoidke selg ja pea püsti. Asetage mõlemad käed vastavatele põlvedele. Sulgege parem rusikas ja asetage see paremale põlvele pöidlaga ülespoole.

This also includes publication without review by an external referee; in this case the paper is published with the addition "accepted by - name of co-editor". This does in fact happen, though rarely for the time being.

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In view of the central role of the Co-Editors in the publication process, the Editor-in-Chief takes great care in selecting persons for replacement or expansion of the Editorial Board. Due to the continued growth of the journal, expansion of the Board is an urgent necessity.

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The most important Ulemine kasi Slimming Band Review for membership in the Editorial Board is scientific excellence. Geographical coverage is used sometimes as a secondary criterion that has led to an appropriate fraction of appointments of Co-Editors working in the United States and in Canada.

This is a further improvement over the previous composition and more closely reflects the geographical distribution of manuscript submissions. EPL also has an Advisory Board. Over the course of the past eighteen months the role and responsibilities of members of this Board have been redefined.

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Their duties now include: deputising for the Editor-in-Chief in cases of absence or conflict of interest, acting as adjudicator in appeal cases, selecting EPL papers for highlighting in EPN, checking comments and replies on their validity, and assisting the Editor-in-Chief with the selection of new Co-Editors.

Moreover, the members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards have contributed to the promotion of EPL by publishing more of their own work in the journal, thus underlining the fact that EPL promotion is a multifacetted effort.

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Seeing some response to these measures suggests that we are on the right track. This is also met with great satisfaction by the EPL management team, which wholeheartedly collaborates in the effort to further raise the standing of EPL in the eyes of the general physics community.

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