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Paula Pratt struggled to breathe when her neck swelled up 'like a rugby ball' after she used the £5 Clairol 'Nice n Easy' hair dye.

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Mrs Pratt said she followed the instructions on the box to the letter, and carried out a hour reaction test before going ahead with the treatment. But the year-old, from Bognor Regis, West Sussex, said she has been left emotionally scarred by the ordeal.

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She said: 'I went straight to see my GP but when I got there I looked like an alien with one side of my face was going out like a rugby ball. By the time I got there the 48 Hour Slim Down side of my face had swelled up too.

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It was terrifying. She went to work as usual the following day, but that evening her head, face and neck began swelling up like a balloon.

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Enlarge Mrs Pratt said her face and neck swelled to the size of a rugby ball Her eyes closed, her scalp stretched and began to weep, and her throat swelled making it difficult to breathe. She said: 'I did everything it said on the tin and had no reaction to the 48 hour test, so my sister went ahead and dyed my hair for me.

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  • Paula Pratt struggled to breathe when her neck swelled up 'like a rugby ball' after she used the £5 Clairol 'Nice n Easy' hair dye.
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  • It focuses on intense player vs.
  • Woman's face swelled up 'like a rugby ball' after using popular hair dye | Daily Mail Online
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I looked like a sumo wrestler or the elephant woman. The infection actually started to drip out of my scalp and into my hair.

She was given a seven-day course of steroids and antihistamines, and has now made a full recovery.

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Mrs Pratt said she would not be seeking compensation from Clairol, but is seeing a dermatologists to determine which ingredient in the dye caused the severe reaction. She also urged other women to check for signs of an allergy before dying their hair. She added: 'I just want to make people aware of the reactions you can get to hair dyes.

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They're not always as safe as people think. It's put me off for life - I'd rather go grey than have that happen again.

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She said: 'We are very sorry to hear about Mrs Pratt's experience after using a Clairol product.